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1100 H14 Aluminum Sheet


1100 h14 aluminum sheet is industrial pure aluminum sheet, the aluminum content (mass fraction) is 99.00%, and it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. 1100 h14 sheet aluminum alloy has the advantages of high elongation, high tensile strength, good electrical conductivity, good formability and high corrosion resistance, 1100 h14 aluminum is usually applied to parts no need for high-strength.

1100 h14 aluminum sheet
1100 h14 aluminum sheet is a typical product of 1100 grade aluminum, another one is 1100 h24 aluminum sheet, as one of the 1000 series pure aluminum sheet, 1100 aluminum sheet have mature production technology, stable market demand, low product price, so in the industry use, 1100 aluminum sheet is often used. Haomei Aluminum is a leading aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, the product advantages of aluminum sheet 1100 are as follows:
1. Soaking technology: improve product plasticity
Soaking technology mainly includes three stages of heating, heat preservation and cooling, which can eliminate internal stress, reduce intragranular segregation and inhomogeneity of structure, and greatly improve the stretchability and plasticity of products.
2, Filtration technology: beautiful products, no impurities
Multiple filtration processes such as glass cloth filtration, deep bed filtration, ceramic tube filtration and foam ceramic filtration are used to screen out impurity particles to ensure that the product is beautiful and free of impurities.
3, Advanced rolling mill in the industry: thin thickness up to 0.2mm
The rolling machine adopts the industry-leading ANDRITZ plate forming rollers and Honeywell thickness gauges, which can precisely control the aluminum sheet shape and export thickness, which meet different process requirements of customers.
Haomei Aluminum off good quality cold rolled and hot rolled 1100 h14 aluminum sheet. Hot-rolled 1100 aluminum sheet have application of deep drawing, bottle cap, wide building curtain wall, passenger car interior, passenger car door/engine plate, decoration, aluminum busbar, aluminum for transformer, radiator, etc.

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