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Aluminium Tape Product


Aluminium tape is a deep-processed product of aluminum formed by slitting aluminum coils to strips types. Aluminum tape can be seen as a very important raw material in the industry. Common aluminum tapes grades are generally 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 3004 and so on. They are usually used as in transformer winding, cable wrapping, lamp base materials, shutter materials, bottle closures materials, mask nose bridge material, ceiling material, roller door material, channel letter material, car decoration material, air duct material and so on.

aluminium tape

Haomei Aluminum engaged in the production and operation of aluminium tape and color coated aluminum strip, and is a leading enterprise in coated and colored aluminum strips. Our company's aluminum strip products are divided into two series: ordinary aluminum strips and coated aluminum strips. Ordinary aluminum strips have various grades of aluminum strips, and coated aluminum strips include single coated, double coated and color coated aluminum strips. The aluminum tape product has the advantages of stable mechanical properties, leading surface quality, uniform coating and strong adhesion. This enables our company to have the ability to roll aluminum strips, improve product categories, and meet the needs of different customers. The rolled ordinary aluminum strip has the advantages of mature technology, stable performance and small ear rate. In line with the principle of "high quality products, reasonable price, excellent service and good reputation", our company wholeheartedly provides all-round services for new and old customers.

According to market data, the price of aluminium tape product varies. This mainly depends on the specifications, thickness, and state of the products selected by the user, as well as the market conditions and the price of aluminum ingots for comprehensive accounting and quotation. The specific quotation has many different solutions because of its needs, and the process and performance of aluminium strip products with different specifications are also different. If a specific quotation is required, it is recommended that the user directly contact the professional aluminum tape manufacturer - HAOMEI Aluminum.

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