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Painted Aluminum Sheets For Sale


Painted aluminum sheets for sale have stable performance, good beam quality, long service life and maintenance-free. The Fluorocarbon coating of painted aluminum sheet through rolling process, providing a 20-year weatherproof warranty. In particular, a comprehensive quality assurance has been made for the shortcomings of the original thermal transfer printing and multi-color roller coating, which are not weather-resistant. For the color coated aluminum sheet in the color of the stone grain, the wood grain and other multi-color coatings, the quality of the prepainted aluminum sheet decoration is more superior and reliable.

painted aluminum sheets for sale

Haomei Aluminum provide painted aluminum sheets for sale of various alloy grades with a thickness of 0.026mm-1.5mm and a width of not more than 1620mm to add luster to your products. The painted aluminum coil sheet product have wide application in our daily life, and we can see it everywhere, the main usage of painted aluminum sheet are aluminum metal roof, aluminum corrugated panel, internal decoration aluminum sheet, external decoration aluminum sheet, aluminum ceiling, rolling shutter door, aluminum downspout, aluminum decorative strip, aluminum packaging outside the pipeline, traffic signs, aluminum curtain wall, etc.

The specification of painted aluminum sheets for sale supplied by Haomei Aluminum are:
Color coated aluminum grade: A1100, A3003, A3004, A3104, A3105, A5052, A8011 etc.
Color coated aluminum coating: Fluorocarbon, polyester
Coated aluminum sheet thickness: 0.1mm-6.00mm
Processing width: coated aluminum coil 20mm-1500mm; coated aluminum sheet 800-1750mm
Core diameter: 150mm, 405mm, 505mm, 508mm, 510mm
Coating thickness: Fluorocarbon (PVDF)>=25micron, Polyester (POLYESTER)>=18micron
Gloss: 10-90%,
Coating hardness: greater than 2H;
Adhesion: no less than grade 1
Impact resistance: 50kg/cm, no paint peeling, no cracks,
Durability: Polyester painting will not fade for 15 years, and fluorocarbon painting will not fade for 20 years.

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