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Production Equipment

Haomei Aluminum has more than large-scale processing equipment developed by Germany, South Korea, Italy. There are 1650 mm high performance foil rolling mill, 1500 mm elevated cold rolling mill, 1600 mm heavy coiler, high precision 60 tons blank  annealing furnace, 1300 mm-1850 mm high precision slitting machine, 100 tons blank annealing furnace and 40 tons finished product annealing furnace. Product sizes and equipment levels are tailored to the individual needs of customers, and a variety of options and variations are available. The machinable thickness is 0.01-300mm and the width is 11-3100mm. It can realize customized production.


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Products Development

The main products are a series of high end aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, aluminum circle products. They are widely used in electronics, medicine, automobile, packaging, construction and other fields, selling well in developed countries such as Korea, Japan, Europe and America.



Reserve of Talents

Haomei Aluminum now have 60 professional and technical personals in factory and also office.



Process Technology

After many years of design verification by professional, Haomei Aluminum have the stable process technology of various kinds of high-end products to ensure the stability of the products.

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Production Environment

Strictly implements the requirements of the quality management system, continuously optimizes the production environment, and ensures that the products meet various environmental protection standards.


Strict Management System

Haomei Aluminum adopts 6S management method, with high product qualification rate and reliable quality.


Raw Material Supplier

Choose a reliable large supplier so as to control product quality from the source. Haomei Aluminum use assured raw materials to produce products that satisfy customers, committed to let customers feel safe to buy and use.


Testing laboratory

Haomei Aluminum has its own chemical analysis laboratory, oil quality analysis laboratory, spectral analysis laboratory, tensile laboratory, micro-analysis laboratory. Strictly control the production raw materials and control the production process.


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