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5052 Aluminum Alloy Supplier


Notebook appearance requirements are high, and it is not enough to consider the price. The durability and performance of materials are factors that cannot be ignored. 5052 alloy aluminum plate has good oxidation performance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other advantages, so the processing cost is higher. The 5052 aluminum alloy sheet produced by 5052 aluminum alloy supplier has strong hardness, so it is used in the appearance of the notebook to ensure that the later consumers will not be deformed and impact-resistant during use.

5052 aluminum alloy supplier

The advantages of aluminum alloy lap top display case:

1, Aluminum alloys can also be light in weight through the ratio of materials, which is convenient for us to carry. The aluminum case of the power bank we see today is a good example.

2, The aluminum alloy lap top c can be made stronger, and it can be better in terms of anti-drop and anti-knock.

3, It is important to mention the heat dissipation function. Aluminum sheet 5052 has a high thermal conductivity and is not easy to deform when exposed to high temperatures. It can efficiently and quickly conduct heat generated by internal electronic components to the air.

The 5052 aluminum alloy plate lap top exterior material has functions such as corrosion resistance and rust resistance, which ensures that the service life of the lap top will not be scrapped due to appearance damage. The performance advantages of 5052 aluminum plate produced by 5052 aluminum alloy supplier are:

A: 5052 aluminum alloy of medium to high strength, with low density and higher strength than 1000 and 3000 series aluminum alloys.

B: Good plasticity, excellent forming effect and easy processing.

C: Good fatigue performance and welding performance, strong resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion.

D: During the heating process of the 5052 aluminum plate, less oxides are formed on the surface of the aluminum material, and the utilization rate of the aluminum ingot is high.

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