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6082 Aluminum Sheet Suppliers


Haomei Aluminum is a professional 6082 aluminum sheet supplier, we also produce other kinds of aluminum plates, including 1000 series to 7000 series aluminum grades. The 6082 aluminum sheet produced by Haomei Aluminum have excellent mechanical properties, welding properties and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for transportation, structural engineering and other fields. Focusing on product quality, Haomei Aluminum adopts advanced production processes and equipment to ensure that the 6082 aluminum sheet produced have consistent quality and specifications. Meanwhile, Haomei Aluminum also provides customized service, which can customize 6082 aluminum plate with different specifications and thicknesses according to customers' needs.

6082 aluminum sheet is a kind of aluminum alloy plate that can be strengthened by heat treatment, with medium strength and good welding performance, corrosion resistance, mainly used in transportation and structural engineering industry. Its condition is usually annealed, and it is suitable for processed products that are fully annealed to obtain minimum strength, such as 6082 T6 aluminum plate. In terms of specifications, it is usually available in thicknesses between 1-40mm, with widths and lengths customized as required.

6082 aluminum sheet supplier

Regarding the characteristics of 6082 aluminum sheet, its tensile strength σb ≥ 205MPa, elongation δ10 ≥ 14%, cooling rate ≥ 200 ℃ / h. In addition, 6082 aluminum plate casting temperature is high, casting speed is low, the water flow rate is large, the need to strictly control the process parameters, or else it is easy to lead to casting failure.

In terms of application, 6082 aluminum sheet is widely used in mechanical parts, forgings, commercial vehicles, railroad structural parts, shipbuilding and other fields because of its good formability, weldability, machinability and medium strength. It is also an ideal material for manufacturing high-speed ship parts.

In conclusion, Haomei Aluminum is a reliable 6082 aluminum sheet supplier, which produces 6082 aluminum plate with good quality and performance to meet customers' needs.

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