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Aluminium 6063 T5


Aluminium 6063 t5 alloy is a medium-strength, heat-treatable, reinforced alloy that belongs to the 6000 series of aluminum alloys. The following are detailed introduction about its alloy composition, specifications, physical properties, chemical properties and applications:

aluminium 6063 t5

1. Alloy composition

6063 t5 aluminum alloy is mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium, silicon and other elements, of which aluminum is a residual, the content of other elements are strictly controlled within a certain range to ensure that the alloy's excellent performance. Specifically, the content of copper (Cu) does not exceed 0.10%, the content of manganese (Mn) does not exceed 0.10%, the content of silicon (Si) is between 0.20 and 0.60%, the content of magnesium (Mg) is between 0.45 and 0.90%, the content of iron (Fe) is not more than 0.35%, the content of titanium (Ti) is not more than 0.10%, the content of zinc (Zn) is not more than 0.10%, the other element content (individual) not more than 0.05%, other elements content (total) not more than 0.15%.

2. The specifications

Aluminium alloy 6063 T5 generally are processed in to aluminum sheet plate and aluminum profile. To the specification of 6063 aluminum sheet, thickness 8 ~ 100 mm is commonly used, the length and width are generally 1250 * 2400 mm, 1500 * 3000mm. Alu 6083 t5 it can be made into a variety of shapes and specifications of the aluminum profile, such as angle aluminum, channel aluminum, aluminum bar, round tube, square tube, etc., to meet the needs of different areas.

3. Physical properties

The density of 6063 T5 aluminium alloy is about 2.7g/cm³, the coefficient of linear expansion is 23.5×10^(-6)/℃, and the thermal conductivity is 201~218W/(m-K). These physical properties make 6063 T5 aluminum alloy excellent in thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and processing performance.

4. Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of aluminium 6063 T5 alloy are mainly reflected in its corrosion and oxidation resistance. As the alloy added magnesium and silicon and other elements, so that the alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, can resist a variety of chemical erosion. At the same time, the alloy also has good oxidation resistance, can be in the high temperature environment to maintain stable performance.

5. Applications

Aluminum 6063 T5 alloy has a wide range of applications, including transportation, energy, urban construction, pipe, military, aviation, lighting and other fields. In the industrial field, 6063 T5 aluminum alloy is often used to make shelves, brackets, industrial automation equipment, factory and office benches, belt conveyor lines, solar panel supports, aluminum access ladders, anti-static benches, etc. because of its good workability and expandability. In addition, 6063 T5 aluminium alloy is also widely used in the framework of architectural aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls to ensure that the doors, windows and curtain walls have high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties.

To sum up, aluminium 6063 t5 alloy is a kind of material with excellent performance, which has a wide range of application prospects in various fields.

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