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Aluminium Tread Plate Sheet


The aluminium tread plate sheet has a certain strength. It is not easy to break when the aluminum tread plate is subjected to external pressure. Aluminium tread plate supplied by Haomei Aluminum has a certain anti-corrosion function. The corrosion effect of the aluminum tread plate in a more severely corroded environment is better than that of the 3003 aluminum plate. If you need special treatment, please contact us, we supply customized production. Tread aluminum plate is mainly used for anti-skid function. Because of its certain rib height, it is used for floor of vehicles, airplane, light rail, elevator, ship and stairs. Some special wet and slippery roads will use aluminum tread plate for paving, such as working areas, high-quality places, and slippery roads. The aluminum tread plate has a certain protective effect, and also has a beautiful appearance, a certain three-dimensional effect, and a certain visual enjoyment.

aluminium tread plate sheet

The aluminium tread plate sheet produced by Haomei Aluminum have alloy of 1060, 3003, 5052, 5754, 5083 and so on. The alloy can be used at different environment. The temper of aluminium tread plate are H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H114 and so on. The thickness is 0.8-10mm, the width is 1000-1220mm, the aluminum tread plate can be produced as sheet type and coil type. The performance advantages of Haomei Aluminium checker plate are:
A: The surface of the aluminium tread plate product has high gloss without any visible defects.
B: Haomei Aluminum fast online quenching line greatly shortens the production cycle while ensuring product quality, and improves the processing performance of aluminum checkered plates.
C: High strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good weldability.
D: Good formability, easy to process, non-slip and moisture-proof.

If you need aluminium tread plate sheet, please choose Haomei Aluminum, who produces various specifications of aluminum checker plate, aluminum diamond plate, three-bars aluminum tread plate, five-bars aluminum tread plate, embossed aluminum plate all year round.

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