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Choose right aluminum bus bar manufacturers


Aluminum bus bar manufacturers Haomei is specialized in supply 1070 6061 and 6101  aluminum busbars 2-15mm thick with rectangular, square and round angle. In the connection of the high-voltage power distribution device of the substation, and the connection of the electrical equipment such as the transformer and the corresponding power distribution device, the bare wire or the stranded wire of a rectangular or circular cross section is mostly used, which is collectively referred to as aluminum bus bar.

aluminum bus bar manufacturers

Electric aluminum bus bar mainly used for electrical engineering of high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, busway, etc. As a conductive bus, aluminum bus bar has the advantages of low resistivity and large bendability. Copper platoons are also widely used in this respect. The role of the busbar is to collect, distribute and transmit electrical energy. Since the bus bar is in operation, there is a huge amount of electric energy passing through, and when it is short-circuited, it is subjected to a large heat and electrodynamic effect. Therefore, the material, cross-sectional shape and cross-sectional area of the aluminium busbar must be reasonably selected to meet the requirements of safe and economic operation. The aluminum bus bar manufacturers can provide hard busbars and soft busbars divided according to the structure, the hard busbar is further divided into a rectangular bus bar and a tubular bus bar.

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