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Checkered Aluminum Coil CC DC Material 1100 3003 5052 6061


The checkered aluminum coil 1100 3003 5052 6061 can be divided into many types according to the patterns, there are five bars, diamond, 3 bars commonly in the market. Processed in CC or DC material, the quality of the checkered aluminum sheet coil products is stable and the process is stable. Haomei checkered aluminum sheet is often exported to all parts of the world, due to the wide customer base, timely delivery and guaranteed quality, it has a good reputation.

checkered aluminum coil

According to the aluminum alloy, the aluminum checkered sheet can be divided into three types:
1, Pure checkered aluminum sheet coil
The pure aluminum checkered sheet processed by 1060 and 1100 is able to adapt to the normal environment and the price is low. Usually, they are often used in cold storage, floor and outer packaging.
2, Al-Mn alloy aluminum checkered sheet
It is made of 3003 aluminum alloy as the main raw material. This checkered aluminum sheet is also called rust-proof aluminum tread plate. Its strength is slightly higher than that of pure aluminum checkered plate. It has certain anti-rust properties and is used in anti-rust, such as trucks and cold storage floor.
3, Al-Mg alloy aluminum checkered sheet
The advantages of 5052 5754 aluminum-magnesium alloy products are high hardness, high tensile strength, the product is added with magnesium alloy, the content can reach more than 2.5%, with good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, 5000 series checkered aluminum coil can be well adapted to steamship, vehicle and work platform with high strength and high corrosion resistance requirements.

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