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Sheet of Aluminum with Good Quality


Produce high quality sheet of aluminum product is the goal of Haomei Aluminum, who supply aluminium grades covers 1000 series to 8000 series. The aluminum sheet is not very high end aluminum processing product, but not all aluminum sheet manufacturers can guarantee the product quality. Haomei Aluminum always have strict production control and produced quality requirement to process sheet of aluminium product with flat plate, accurate thickness and width, small tolerance, alloy content in accordance with quality standard.

sheet of aluminum

The grades of aluminum sheet offered by Haomei Aluminum are 0.2-50mm 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 2024, 2a12, 2a14, 2a16, 3003, 3004, 30054, 3104, 3105, 5005, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5454, 5754, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7005, 7075, 8011 and so on. The alloy not list is also available, Haomei Aluminum can customized produce according to requirement. The quality of aluminum sheet is closely related to its alloy composition. Aluminum alloy sheet add a variety of alloying elements in the producing process to improve its mechanical properties and chemical indicators. The addition of alloying elements not only enhances the strength, hardness and wear resistance of aluminum sheet, but also improves its corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and other properties.

Specifically, different alloying elements have different effects on the performance of aluminum sheet. For example, the addition of copper can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum sheet; the addition of silicon helps to improve the heat resistance and processing performance of aluminum sheet; the addition of magnesium can enhance the strength and hardness of aluminum sheet; the addition of zinc can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum sheet, but also help to improve its welding performance; the addition of manganese helps to refine the grain size of the aluminum sheet, improve its strength and toughness.

In addition, the alloy sheet of aluminium can be divided into several series according to the different main alloy elements, such as aluminum-copper alloy aluminum sheet, aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum sheet, aluminum-silicon alloy aluminum sheet, aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet and so on. Each series of aluminum sheet has its unique performance and application areas.

In summary, the type and proportion of alloying elements are the key factors affecting the sheet of aluminum quality. Through the reasonable proportion of alloying elements and advanced production process, aluminum sheet products with excellent quality can be manufactured to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Therefore, when choosing aluminum sheet, it is very important to understand its alloy composition and performance characteristics.

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