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Top Aluminum Circle Factory


China aluminum circle factory is specialized in produce prime quality aluminium circle used in kitchenware production, traffic sign making and other industries. The thickness of aluminum circles is range from 0.4mm to 5mm, while 1.0mm and 1.2mm aluminum circles are commonly used. The demand for aluminum circles in the kitchenware production industry is large, of which 1060 aluminum circles and 3003 aluminum circles are the most common. Aluminum circle factory offer aluminum circle in tempers of O, H12, H14 with excellent deep-drawing and spinning performance. Some aluminum circle manufacturers may also provide customized services, according to the specific needs of customers to customize aluminum circle specifications, materials and surface treatment and other aspects. They may engage in in-depth communication and consultation with customers to ensure that the products meet their specific needs.

aluminum circle factory

The production lines of aluminum circle factory usually feature CNC full automation, from coil uncoiling to whole roll data discharging, with no manual contact or adjustment in between, eliminating production safety hazards and product quality hazards. In addition, the production line can produce aluminum circles directly from aluminum coils, eliminating the need for longitudinal and transverse cutting of coils, reducing production costs and the possibility of damaging the appearance of the aluminum coils. The production line also makes full use of the width of the aluminum coil and is controlled by a high-precision servo motor drive system, reducing the amount of waste and improving the utilization of raw materials.

The production technology of aluminum circle factory mainly includes the steps of raw material preparation, heating, rolling, stretching, cooling, cutting and inspection. Among them, raw material preparation takes aluminum alloy billet or molten aluminum as raw material, after extrusion or casting. The heating process heats the aluminum alloy billet to a suitable temperature to increase its plasticity and reduce its strength. The rolling and stretching processes, on the other hand, mechanically form the aluminum alloy billet into the desired circular shape and improve its microstructure to increase its strength and plasticity. Finally, the quality of aluminum circle is ensured by process steps such as cooling, cutting and inspection.

Excellent aluminum circle factory usually implement a strict quality control system. They may use advanced testing equipment and testing methods to conduct comprehensive testing of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to ensure that the products meet relevant standards and customer requirements. In addition, manufacturers may have passed quality management system certifications such as ISO 9001 to prove that they have stable and reliable quality management capabilities.

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